Unlock sensitive data

Unlock the value of data sharing, without sharing any data.

Create insights across data silos. Maintain control over your data. Our software enables you to perform analytics across silos as if data is stored in a central location. 

Unlock new possibilities and create new business models with our state of the art privacy technology.




Enable applications previously impossible

Data that cannot be shared now becomes accessible. Data remains in its environment and can participate in a joint computation across other data silos. This way, sensitive data like personal or competitive information can be used in a trusted and privacy-preserving manner.


Create new business models

Since data resides in your environment, you control how it is used. This allows for new business models in which controlled access to and usage of your data becomes the norm. Increase revenue when you have valuable data or data with a long live time value and increase accessibility for others.


Achieve unprecedented privacy

Our solutions are built on state of the art privacy technology. They elegantly integrate with your existing applications to achieve privacy-by-design. A tangible implementation of GDPR principles such as data minimization, purpose binding and the right to be forgotten. Solutions that provide the strongest guarantees to protect your customers’ privacy.

When privacy matters most, we enable analytics and industry collaboration.


Our technology in practice

Cyber Threat Intel

Roseman Labs built a solution for the Dutch National Cyber Security Center to securely aggregate sensitive cyber threat intel from public and private sector organizations. The system uses our Cranmera high performance MPC engine to ensure superior privacy.

Grid Management

With the help of smart meter data, grid operators can study the properties of their grid more effectively.

Together with Stedin and Technolution, we applied MPC technology to aggregate meter readings with strong privacy and security.

Anti-Money Laundering

Roseman Labs built a solution that allows for combining anti-money laundering alerts across data silos. Our solution, Rosetta, achieves high-performance de-identification for multi-bank transaction monitoring that does not require HSMs or specialized hardware.

Working with


The magic of secure computation

Episode 1: The basics of decentralized data analytics

In this first video of the series, our CTO Niek explains the basics of our data analytics solution. Our technology is based on MPC, a very powerful technology that allows you to run your logic across multiple data sources. Watertight, always encrypted.

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Privacy 2.0

In our whitepaper we introduce secure multiparty computation (MPC), a paradigm that enables multiple parties to perform computations on their joint data set, such that each party learns nothing beyond the output of these computations. 

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Simplified GDPR Compliance

The European Commission and the United Nations sponsored three studies that explain that a technique called Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) is a “state of the art privacy preserving tool”. 

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Our privacy solutions


Cranmera is our high performance decentralized data analytics engine. It is based on state of the art MPC technology, robust, scalable and it allows for rapid implementation.

Unlock the value of data sharing without data sharing.

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Rosetta is a high-throughput parallel pseudonimisation solution, allowing different entities to use different pseudonyms for the same item. The separated items can be subjected to monitoring rules as if they are single entities.

The solution drastically reduces the risk of re-identification and data breaches.

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Cascade is a serial pseudonymization solution. It allows every stakeholder in a network to prevent anyone from reidentification as long as at least one actor keeps its key secure.

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We are a high-tech software company, determined to transform how organizations handle sensitive data. Our focus is uncompromised privacy and rapid deployment. We believe robust privacy and business transformation go hand-in-hand.


Founders & Advisory board

Roderick Rodenburg


Toon Segers


Niek Bouman


Advisory board

Sir Rob Wainwright

Partner at Deloitte, former Director of Europol

Gabe Monroy

Director of Product, Azure Application Platform

Berry Schoenmakers

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at TU Eindhoven

Ian Wachters

CFO/COO at Oceans of Energy


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