Makkelijker, Veiliger en Meer samenwerken op zorgdata

Een speerpunt van het nieuwe kabinet is het waarborgen van passende en betaalbare zorg, voor jong en oud, nu en in de toekomst. 

Dit is een maatschappelijke opgave die vraagt dat alle spelers in de zorg, zorgverleners, zorgverzekeraars, beleidsmakers en patiënten met elkaar samenwerken en de juiste keuzes maken.

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MPC and Federated Learning, complementary tools for secure collaboration

Customers often ask how Multi-Party Computation compares to Federated Learning. In this post we explain the differences and synergies.

Federated Learning (FL) offers a way to train AI/ML-models while keeping the inputs decentralized. By sharing local training parameters rather than actual data, FL aims to protect participants’ privacy. However, the privacy properties of FL have limitations.

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Joris den Bruinen en Paul Fockens over data samenwerking in strijd tegen criminaliteit

Op 17 februari presenteren de Nederlandse AI Coalitie (NL AIC) en Security Delta (HSD) een paper over AI-toepassingen voor Veiligheid, Vrede en Recht.

Met daarin ook speciale aandacht voor Multi-Party Computation (MPC), de door Roseman Labs in productie gebrachte technologie om gezamenlijke data inzichten te genereren zonder de data te hoeven onthullen. 

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Wat is MPC en hoe helpt het vertrouwelijke data te beschermen?

Op 18 november schreven wij een post over de Wet Gegevensverwerking Samenwerkingsverbanden.

We beschreven hoe Multi Party Computation (MPC) het mogelijk maakt om gericht inzichten te creëren uit verschillende databronnen, zonder data te delen. Veel mensen vroegen ons echter om de techniek verder toe te lichten.

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Wet gegevensverwerking samenwerkingsverbanden (WGS) – ons advies aan alle partijen.

Wij zijn van mening dat de WGS in de huidige vorm onnodig is. Wij pleiten voor wetgeving die gegevensuitwisseling niet toe staat, maar koppeling van bestanden wel mogelijk maakt.

Het uitgangspunt is momenteel dat dit niet kan; om bestanden te koppelen moet data immers uitgewisseld worden. Wij laten u graag kennis maken met technologie die dit wel mogelijk maakt. Hetzelfde resultaat, zonder dat de privacy van burgers ondergeschikt 

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Simple steps to make the world a safer place. Let’s do it in 2022!

A few days into the New Year, we would like to share some thoughts about making the world a safer place. Fighting crime, in any form, requires cooperation, often between private and public organizations. Real cooperation means that you can exchange information.

However, this is where the problems start. Information exchange is difficult for various reasons, particularly while protecting privacy and minimizing the impact for citizens.

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Secure Data Collaboration in Financial Services

Financial institutions want to collaborate on data, because of the important role they are taking in fighting financial crime.

However, sharing data in order to
collaborate is difficult because of privacy, legal and security challenges. As a result, data sharing is often simply not happening.

How do we break this paradigm? How can we enable data collaboration while preserving data sovereignty?

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CES Innovation Award Honoree

Roseman Labs is honored to be named a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy category. The winners were announced during CES Unveiled in Amsterdam on October 14, 2021.

Roseman Labs owes its election to its flagship product, Virtual Data Lake, which enables organizations to set up data collaboration without parties sharing data with each other.

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Trusted Collaboration to Combat Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is well-hidden in national and cross-border crimes and investigated by different parties (law enforcement agencies, NGOs, financial institutions). Each party has developed a solution, but few of the solutions support cross-domain collaboration.

Roseman Labs partners with the stakeholders in this ecosystem to apply MPC to address this problem.

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Secure Collaboration for the Supply Chain

Supply chains are complex, and with unforeseen events like Covid-19, efficiency is crucial. Due to the desire for a combination of collaborative optimisation and data privacy/ confidentiality, Multi-Party Computation has vast applications within Global Supply Chains. 

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Secure Net: NCSC’s partnership for rapid and safe information sharing

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NL), works with partners, such as Cyberveilig Nederland, Deloitte and other leading security service providers to quickly share information about digital threats.

With Roseman Labs, the NCSC develops Secure Net, the platform that enables fast and secure information sharing in The Netherlands.

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MPC to protect privacy-sensitive electricity grid data

Sustainable energy is often generated locally. This makes it a lot more complicated for grid operators to maintain the balance between energy consumption and energy production. Stedin, Technolution and Roseman Labs deployed MPC to use smart meter data with strong privacy.

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MPC Data Privacy and Security Conference by the MPC Alliance

Roseman Labs joined the MPC Data Privacy and Security Conference on October 26, 2021, organized by the MPC Alliance, a cross-industry collaboration of early adapters and suppliers of MPC technology.

Our CTO, Niek Bouman, discussed the Roseman Labs privacy-preserving solution for balancing the electricity grid.

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Virtual Data Lake 

Organizations can connect data sources with our new Virtual Data Lake solution.

The solution enables organizations to virtually combine data silos, run queries against this virtually joined data, with strong input privacy, and without the need to set up a new environment - avoiding technical and organizational hurdles.

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Analytics for Health Consortia

Data collaboration in healthcare is extremely valuable, to increase effectiveness of treatments and to provide the right care in the right place. However, health care information is very sensitive, and not easy to access.

Our solution enables organizations to perform analyses on joint data with strong privacy.

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Privacy Preserving Entity Resolution Across Orgs

A partnership between graph analytics company Knights Analytics and Roseman Labs enables companies to deploy state of the art entity resolution at scale (billions of records) across jurisdictions, companies and different data sources, while respecting the privacy boundary between those organizations.

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From our CTO: C++ Build Systems

Recently, we migrated from CMake to Meson. In this blogpost our CTO tells the story of how we got to this decision and what we got out of

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Computable Article

The IT magazine 'Computable' interviewed our CEO and featured us as "one of the most promising privacy tech startups" in The Netherlands.

It is a very readable story about our launch, and our first customers.

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