Virtual Data Lake 

Organizations can connect data lakes with our new Virtual Data Lake solution.

The solution enables organizations to virtually combine data silos, run queries against this virtually joined data, with strong input privacy, and without the need to set up a new environment - avoiding technical and organizational hurdles.

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Analytics for Health Consortia

Data collaboration in healthcare is extremely valuable, to increase effectiveness of treatments and to provide the right care in the right place. However, health care information is very sensitive, and not easy to access.

Our solution enables organizations to perform analyses on joint data with strong privacy.

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Privacy Preserving Entity Resolution Across Orgs

A partnership between graph analytics company Knights Analytics and Roseman Labs enables companies to deploy state of the art entity resolution at scale (billions of records) across jurisdictions, companies and different data sources, while respecting the privacy boundary between those organizations.

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From our CTO: C++ Build Systems

Recently, we migrated from CMake to Meson. In this blogpost our CTO tells the story of how we got to this decision and what we got out of

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Computable Article

The IT magazine 'Computable' interviewed our CEO and featured us as "one of the most promising privacy tech startups" in The Netherlands.

It is a very readable story about our launch, and our first customers.

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