Use sensitive data
with superior privacy?

Secure Computation

enables applications
that were previously impossible.

Privacy & security by default

Process sensitive data with state-of-the-art privacy, security and compliance.

Rapid deployment

Secure a sensitive business process in weeks.


Directly use advanced cryptographic functionalities via standard software.

What is Secure Computation?

Privacy 2.0

Protect data at-rest and in-use by default.

Studies by the United Nations and European Commission say: "MPC is a state-of the-art privacy preserving tool", because after the initial encryption step, data is always protected and "considered to be non-personal data".

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Privacy Engine

The Cranmera privacy engine processes data while encrypted.
Encrypted data is sent to separate servers, which perform computations together. 

Hence, the key requirement for security is separation of duties *, a time-tested control.

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Academic roots

Theory of Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) became mainstream due to advances in networking, compute and protocol theory.

TUE and CWI, our alma maters, are known for their work in 'semi-honest' and 'active security' MPC protocols.

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Why today?  

Demand for privacy increases,
while cost of computation decreases.

Our projects

Anti-money laundering

Develop a solution that: A. efficiently combines similar transactions across different banks and B. then detects money laundering on the combined transactions, with superior privacy and data protection.


Assess and report on gender equality in workforces of participating organizations -with superior privacy -enabling our client to support government audits and voluntary readiness assessments with organizations.

Cyber Threat Intel 

Enable a CERT to survey a network of organizations: “Have you seen this threat?” Organizations then anonymously upload their response. CERT shares the aggregated result back to the network.

Core products


Secure Computation engine that directly enables many common functionalities: Benchmarks, Surveys, Operations Research, Pattern Matching, Machine Learning.


De-identification pipeline that prevents tracking personal/confidential data back to its origins.

How to start?

 Proof-of-value in 2-3 months

Design together

First, we define analytical and privacy requirements together. We are available to your stakeholders (business, legal, compliance, technology).

Tailored software

Then, we tailor and license the software to you.
Our source code is available to you for inspection. (We retain intellectual property.)

Support & maintenance

We partner with your IT team or integrator to ensure successful deployment, integration support and run performance.

About us

We are a high-tech software company, determined to transform how organizations handle sensitive data.

Our focus is uncompromised privacy and rapid deployment. We believe robust privacy and business transformation go hand-in-hand.

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Case studies of MPC implementations

MPC for blind auctions

First large-scale use of secure computation by Danisco and association of Danish beet growers. Reduction in EU subsidies drove immediate need to trade production rights.

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MPC for population studies

Boston Women’s Workforce Council commissioned two studies of wage disparities within organizations in the Great Boston Area (2015-2016). 

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