German Deep-tech bets on Dutch Cryptography

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Roseman Labs raises 4 million euro seed round from German and Dutch deep-tech funds.

Today, German deep-tech funds Matterwave Ventures, Spacewalk VC and Dutch early-stage fund NP-Hard Ventures announce an investment in Roseman Labs. Founded in 2020, Roseman Labs’ mission is to protect privacy and empower collaboration on sensitive data to tackle global challenges. Its flagship product is the Virtual Data Lake, which enables parties to link and analyze data without sharing sensitive source data. This gives parties unprecedented control and privacy guarantees. Privacy rules in Europe are very strict, while the need for data sharing is greater than ever. Roseman Labs’ technology offers a proven solution for this challenge. 

An important characteristic of Roseman Labs technology is its practical applicability. For example, the company supports Dataspaces for health care organizations. These ground breaking Dataspaces allow participants to securely gather insights and learn more about the quality and effectiveness of care. 

Roseman Labs – active in healthcare, the social domain, justice and security, financial services and the energy sector - will use the 4 million euro investment to expand the team and to expand internationally. Munich-based Matterwave Ventures invests in European early-stage industrial hardware and software companies. Spacewalk is a deep-tech VC fund also from Munich and part of Motius, a private R&D company that combines the expertise of over 800 experts to create the ‘tech products of the future’. NP-Hard Ventures is an early-stage Dutch tech fund founded by three experienced operators.

Roderick Rodenburg, CEO and co-founder of Roseman Labs: “This new investment allows us to take the next step. We have a strong team that combines PhD-level cryptography with software engineering, information security, business and product development experience with whom we have developed a groundbreaking privacy-preserving data science product. This investment provides the scope to grow and to take new steps in marketing our technology abroad.”

“We were impressed by the team’s expertise and experience in both academic and in commercial contexts. In addition, Roseman Labs platform technology enables unprecedented performance in data collaboration projects, while maintaining absolute privacy”, says Benedikt Kronberger, General Partner at Matterwave Ventures. “We see many different use cases in the industrial sector, from semiconductors, to manufacturing to energy. We believe that connecting data across institutional and geographic boundaries will create tremendous value through transparency and analytics that did not exist before.”

About Roseman Labs

Roseman Labs was founded in 2020. Roseman Labs’ mission is to protect privacy and empower collaboration on sensitive data to tackle global challenges. The need for secure data sharing is greater than ever and the economic value of data collaboration is estimated in the trillions globally. Roseman Labs is regarded as a pioneer in this domain, serving clients in the private and public sector - in industries such as healthcare, the social domain, justice and security, financial services and the energy sector. Roseman Labs develops Multi-Party Computation (MPC) software that is both high-end as well as pragmatic and easy to implement. Roseman Labs’ secure collaboration software enables parties to link and analyze data sources without having access to each other's underlying data. The company is growing rapidly and has a team of 25 people.

About Matterwave Ventures

Matterwave Ventures is a Munich-based venture capital firm that has specialized for many years in deep-tech innovations with industrial applications and actively invests throughout Europe. As an early-stage investor, Matterwave focuses on the early development stages of technology companies, including hardware- and software-based business models. The goal is to build world-leading companies that drive the future of industrial value creation, primarily through resource efficiency and digitalization. Matterwave invests "full stack", from materials and components to complete systems and software solutions. Over the past 20 years, the team has invested in more than 60 companies. With over EUR 200 million of capital under management, Matterwave typically participates in Seed and Series A financing rounds across Europe with initial investments ranging from EUR 1-4 million. Including follow-on financing rounds, over EUR 10 million can be invested per portfolio company.

About Spacewalk

Spacewalk is a venture capital fund specializing in deep tech. We focus on early-stage market startups and innovative spinoffs from Motius, a leading German R&D firm. Beyond being investors, we pride ourselves on being a technological sparring partner, and a gateway to an expansive industry network. Our affiliation with Motius offers us unparalleled advantages: direct market insights, access to esteemed clientele, and a pulse on the latest in technology. This positions Spacewalk at the forefront of (pre-)seed investments within the dynamic European deep tech startup scene. With a target fund size of 35 million €, we celebrated our first closing in 2022. Our recent inclusion in the MIT Endowment Fund's program further cements our connection to avant-garde research.

About NP-Hard Ventures

NP-Hard Ventures supports early teams in Europe and the US to build the infrastructure, tools, and decentralized platforms that simplify the way we work, by making technology more accessible and unlock creativity. The company was founded by Anke Huiskes, Micha Hernandez van Leuffen and Paul Veugen who have bundled their extensive experience as operators and founders. As angels, they have invested in over 40+ early-stage companies in the last three years and have supported a diverse group of founders in growing their business from the earliest days.

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Published on: 7 September 2023
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