Secure multiparty computation

Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) is among the most promising technologies for enabling privacy-safe digital collaborations between multiple entities.

During the past three decades, it has grown from an academic idea to a practically feasible technology.

MPC is relevant in data collaborations and industry transformations where data privacy and confidentiality are critical, like financial services, healthcare, energy utilities, e-commerce and law enforcement.


Cranmera is a high-performance MPC engine, developed from the ground up to accelerate time-to-market of your business' privacy-critical digital services. 

In particular, Cranmera can unlock significant business value in scenarios where privacy and confidentiality requirements are perceived as an impediment to the realisation of a digital service involving multiple stakeholders. 

Cranmera unites multi-stakeholder data processing with unprecedented data-privacy guarantees.


  • Data protection at-rest and in-use.
  • High throughput through full asynchronicity and multi-core scaling.
  • On-premise and cloud support.
  • Strong security through peer-reviewed protocols and formally verified cryptographic primitives.
  • Monitoring out-of-the box.


  • Secure input module: Transforms input data immediately into encrypted data ("secret shares"). Supports inputs via API, web client or otherwise. Applies a technique called secret-sharing. Ensures that inputs are securely shared with the calculation module.
  • Calculation module: Calculates required statistics (e.g. analytics, benchmarking, etc.) on secret inputs. All data remains private during computation.
  • Secure storage module: Stores data in encrypted form to ensure that nobody can access it unless mutually agreed upon. Both calculation and storage are administered by trustees appointed by you, tasked with approving operations on the sensitive data.
  • Output module: Makes the results of analyses available to pre-agreed parties.
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