Public Sector

To fight crime, information sharing between Government agencies and/or private sector organizations is crucial. Roseman Labs solutions enable this cooperation without compromising privacy or confidentiality. Our most recent use cases include sharing of sensitive cyber threat intel in a solution built for the Dutch National Cyber Security Center, and the exchange of sensitive information in human trafficking between law enforcement entities and an NGO.

Photo credit: Alireza Parpaei on Unsplash

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21 October 2021

Trusted collaboration to fight human trafficking

Human trafficking is well-hidden in national and cross-border crimes and investigated by different parties (law enforcement agencies, NGOs, financial institutions). Each party has developed a solution, but few of the solutions support cross-domain collaboration.

Roseman Labs partners with the stakeholders in this ecosystem to apply MPC to address this problem.

Data Sharing Coalition

10 October 2021

NCSC's Secure Net for rapid and safe information sharing

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NL), works with partners, such as Cyberveilig Nederland, Deloitte and other leading security service providers to quickly share information about digital threats.