Niek Bouman


Niek is a senior researcher specialized in privacy-preserving machine learning and secure multi-party computation.

Before, Niek held research positions at TU Eindhoven, ABN AMRO, EPFL (CH), and CWI. 

Niek has a PhD (’12) from Leiden University in quantum cryptography and a MSc from University of Twente in Electrical Engineering.

Toon Segers


Toon is a PhD researcher in applied cryptography at TU Eindhoven, focusing on MPC.

Prior, Toon was Partner at Deloitte, responsible for its Cyber Risk practice in The Netherlands.

Toon worked 10 years at BCG, holds an MBA from Columbia and an MSc from TUE in Applied Math.

Roderick Rodenburg


Roderick is founder of Synple, an automated logistics capacity sharing platform.

Roderick has extensive experience in sensitive data exchange across companies.

Roderick worked 10 years at Unilever, has a MSc from TUE in Mechanical Engineering and an executive education from Harvard Business School.