About Roseman Labs

We at Roseman Labs are revolutionising the possibilities of encrypted computing. We create a product that allows you to use sensitive data in a secure way, whilst safeguarding individual and commercial privacy.

Having known each other for years, our founders' paths crossed at university and in working life. Their combined expertise in data collaboration platforms and cryptography, naturally evolved into a collaboration itself. This led to the founding of Roseman Labs in March 2020 by Toon Segers, Roderick Rodenburg and Niek Bouman.

Our team has since grown to 30 people, including a team of 9 cryptographers who continuously develop the Multi-Party Computation technology that drives Roseman Labs. 

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Our story so far

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January 2024 saw our official expansion to our second market, Germany, with the hiring of a DACH Sales Manager.

In addition, we celebrated our customer, Publiek Vervoer Groningen Drenthe, winning first place in the Dutch Privacy Awards using our technology.

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In 2023, Roseman Labs hit several major milestones. In August, the company finalised the Seed funding of 4M with MatterWave, SpaceWalk and NP Hard Ventures.

The team grew from 18 to 30 people, providing the resources to scale the business.

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In April 2022, Roseman Labs received 400k in Angel funding.

By November, the company entered its first strategic partnership with data science company, IQVIA.

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Roseman Labs was founded in March 2020 by Toon Segers, Roderick Rodenburg and Niek Bouwman.

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Meet the leadership team

Roderick Rodenburg
Chief Executive & Commercial Officer
Toon Segers
Toon Segers
Head of Customer Success
Niek Bouman
Niek Bouman
Chief Technical Officer
Ian Wachters
Ian Wachters
Senior Advisor
Freya de Mink
Freya de Mink
Head of Business Development
Michael Häusler-Leutgeb
Michael Häusler-Leutgeb
Global Partnerships Manager
Hugo Ideler-Hartog
Hugo Ideler-Hartog
Head of Engineering
Kateryna Horova
Kateryna Horova
Chief of Staff
Jan Wijma
Jan Wijma
Head of Product
Caroline Overgoor
Caroline Overgoor
Head of Design

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3526 KS Utrecht
The Netherlands



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