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Discover how you can improve care coordination, determine treatment effectiveness and set new standards for medical training.

Improve healthcare

Encrypt, link & analyze data

Studying patient journeys or the effectiveness of treatments requires access to data sets from different healthcare providers or other partners. Roseman Labs allows you to safely link different data sets together, by encrypting data at the source. Run your analyses on combined data, without being able to see individual records.

You get the insights you need, while your patients’ privacy stays protected.

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How Dutch podiatrists advance diabetic foot care

The NVvP uses real patient data from different healthcare facilities to determine treatment effectiveness, and improve preventative care.

Addressing Occupational Disease

Learn how Roseman Labs enables you to reduce both the physical and financial burden of occupational disease, reducing costs and safeguarding employee health.

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Amphia Ziekenhuis improves elderly care

Learn how Amphia brings together capacity data, improves data access to participating organizations, and develops communication between care providers. 

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The ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognized standard for information security management.

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The NEN 7510 certification is based on international security standards and highlights suitability for the healthcare sector.

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