Finding value with Multi Party Computation

A world of sensitive data

Data is generated in almost every activity we undertake. Some of this data is personal or commercially sensitive, like health records, intellectual property, or trade secrets; meaning this information is often hidden and inaccessible.

The need for Multi Party Computation might therefore not be apparent until you face a situation where data collaboration is essential, but maintaining the confidentiality of the information is non-negotiable. Consider mergers, cross-industry partnerships, or collaborative research projects – scenarios where sharing sensitive information is necessary. Yet, sharing sensitive data amongst organizations, or even with internal parties, is often forbidden. In addition to organizational and commercial restrictions, there are a growing number of laws and regulations to protect data privacy, signalling the increasing global awareness of this domain.

Organizations safeguard sensitive data by storing it securely so that others cannot access or use it. Information therefore ends up locked in data silos, leading to missed opportunities for innovation, oversight on possible errors and decreased potential for new value-generation. Sensitive data should always remain private but in order to facilitate new innovations, collaboration is necessary in certain industries. For example, in healthcare, the public sector, financial services, energy, and manufacturing. So how can this be done?

At Roseman Labs, we utilize Multi Party Computation; a ground-breaking yet accessible solution for secure data collaboration. In essence, it allows you to analyze aggregated data sets of multiple participants without disclosing the input data. Instead of giving everyone access to your data, you securely encrypt and combine it with others, perform analyses over the aggregated data sets (with no input disclosure) and access only the results of the computations. This is how we unlock insights from sensitive data, whilst providing unparalleled privacy guarantees. Data collaboration on sensitive information is possible with Roseman Labs.


Discovering untapped potential

Accessing aggregate insights provides new opportunities for value creation whilst preserving data privacy. For example, you might lack sufficient data (access) to perform a desired analysis, or you perhaps need data from other parties to complement or compare information.

Consider a hospital researcher looking to find the best treatment for diabetes patients with foot wounds. Often the researcher can only view health records within their own hospital, despite the fact that the patient on average visit 16 care providers throughout their care journey – including podiatrists, pharmacists and physiotherapies. If it were possible to share information at an aggregate level, and to connect treatment paths without revealing individual patient information, a whole world of opportunity would open up to improve treatment.

In this scenario, you are combining and analyzing sensitive data from multiple sources to generate new insights whilst protecting GDPR, as well as safeguarding your organization's and patients' confidentiality. With Roseman Labs, you can do exactly that.


Roseman Labs

To unlock new insights from sensitive data, collaboration within and amongst organizations is essential. Without a safe environment for data sharing, problems with collaborative innovation persist. The future of sensitive data management is therefore in secure Multi Party Computation. With its strong privacy guarantees and increasingly fast performance, this fascinating cryptographic technique is redefining the way you can protect and analyze your sensitive information.

Sharing insights is easier than ever with Roseman Labs. Our state-of-the-art data collaboration technology combines ease of implementation and strong privacy protocols; supporting collective innovation and value generation, without exposing anyone’s individual input. We are already working with healthcare providers, cyber security agencies, governments, municipalities, and energy grid operators, who are all experiencing the benefit of deeper insights on sensitive data, in a privacy-preserving way.

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