Roseman Labs in the Public Sector

Protect the privacy of citizens' data while improving the information
flow between public and private organizations. Securely connect
and analyze information to address societal issues.

Address societal issues together

Encrypt, link and analyze data in the public sector

Both public and private organizations contribute to the effectiveness and safe functioning of our society. Ensuring that societal trends and challenges are addressed, requires proactive collaboration between many parties. Insight at this scale demands analysis of sensitive data across thousands of individuals, which was previously impossible.

With Roseman Labs, you can protect the privacy of citizens while improving the information flow between public and private agencies, and anticipate needs within the population. 

Public Sector 1
Gemeente Rotterdam

Municipality of Rotterdam gives support to toddlers with developmental delay

By combining data from local daycare facilities and the Bureau for Youth & Family, the municipality of Rotterdam detects developmental delays early enough to take action. 


NCSC accelerates collaboration against cyber attacks

The National Cyber Security Centre combines the data of public and private partners to discover the nature and scale of cyber attacks.

Publiek Vervoer G-D

Publiek Vervoer Groningen Drenthe

Publiek Vervoer Groningen Drenthe combines travel data of several organisations and uses insights to keep services inclusive. 

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We are proudly certified with ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. The ISO 27001 means we have a solid system in place to protect your data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Plus, it shows we are constantly on top of risk management. The Dutch NEN 7510 certificate highlights our specialized suitability for the healthcare sector.

The ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognized standard for information security management.
ISO 27001 certification
The NEN 7510 certification is based on international security standards and highlights suitability for the healthcare sector.
NEN 7510 certification

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