Secure data collaboration for Healthcare

Insights into patient journeys, health care value and outcomes are key to advancing our healthcare system. However, data is stored across many different organizations, who all need to ensure the privacy of patients. With the Roseman Labs Virtual Data Lake, health and health care organizations can virtually join their data on the highest level of detail, without exposing sensitive data during analyses. The strictest form of purpose binding ensures control for all parties. Generate insights within weeks rather than years.

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Roseman Labs supports Dataspace for Podiatrists

The Dutch Association of Podiatrists (NVvP) launched the 'Dataspace' together with the podiatry clinics Voetencentrum Wender, Podotherapie Hermanns, Innofeet and the Hogeschool Saxion.

The Dataspace allows members of the consortium to safely join data and learn
more about the effectiveness and value of podiatric care. The Dataspace uses the
privacy solution from Roseman Labs, which combines strong governance controls for the participants and strong privacy controls for the data subjects.

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11 July 2023

Makkelijker, Veiliger en Meer samenwerken op zorgdata

Een speerpunt van het nieuwe kabinet is het waarborgen van passende en betaalbare zorg, voor jong en oud, nu en in de toekomst. 

Dit is een maatschappelijke opgave die vraagt dat alle spelers in de zorg, zorgverleners, zorgverzekeraars, beleidsmakers en patiënten met elkaar samenwerken en de juiste keuzes maken.

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Analytics for Health Consortia

Data collaboration in healthcare is extremely valuable, to increase effectiveness of treatments and to provide the right care in the right place. However, health care information is very sensitive, and not easy to access.

Our solution enables organizations to perform analyses on joint data with strong privacy.

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